Our Business

Oilseeds International, Ltd. is a leading supplier of superior specialty vegetable oils to nutritional product, natural food, and premium snack food companies throughout North America. Oilseeds provides comprehensive, yet flexible, field-to-market solutions to meet our customer’s needs through diversified supply chains both domestic and abroad. Our specialty vegetable oils are processed to meet the specifications of individual food processors and manufacturers.

Our signature oils include: high oleic sunflower and safflower oils, high linoleic safflower oil, and rice bran oil. USDA Certified Organic sunflower and safflower oils are also available.

RITO Partnership

RITO, a Partnership between Oilseeds International, Ltd. and Riceland Foods, Inc., was established in 1993 to advance the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of rice bran oil. Riceland Foods is a farmer-owned cooperative and the world’s largest miller of rice, with milling facilities in Stuttgart and Jonesboro, Arkansas, and rice bran oil extraction and processing facilities in Stuttgart. Rice bran oil production is the responsibility of Riceland Foods, while sales and marketing responsibilities are coordinated by Oilseeds.

For more information on Rice Bran Oil, please visit www.Ricebranoil.Biz