Oilseeds International, Ltd.

Oilseeds International, Ltd. was founded in 1981, intent on pioneering the worldwide expansion of the specialty vegetable oil markets via product development, production, transportation, and marketing opportunities. In 1994, Oilseeds was acquired by ITOCHU Corporation. Overnight, Oilseeds realized a significantly expanded international presence and further strengthened its ability to deliver superior quality products and services, and a new, dynamic means of managing field-to-market risks.

Today, Oilseeds is a leading supplier of specialty vegetable oils to nutritional product, natural food, and premium snack food companies in North and South America and Europe. Working in collaboration with the ITOCHU Group, Oilseeds has a strong marketing presence in Asia, including China. Our product line is comprised of signature oils—high oleic sunflower and safflower oils and rice bran oil—and a full complement of other quality oils including: high linoleic safflower oil, grapeseed oil, NuSun sunflower oil, cottonseed cooking oil, commodity vegetable oil, and safflower for birdseed.

ITOCHU Corporation

Founded in 1858 in Osaka, Japan, ITOCHU Corporation is a Fortune Global 500 Company with more than 150 bases in 75 countries. ITOCHU is one of the world's leading international trading companies, engaged in domestic trading, import/export, and overseas trading of various products.

ITOCHU globally advances and develops integrated system strategies that deliver process solutions to food resources development and supply, product processing, midstream distribution, and retail.

ITOCHU trades foodstuffs such as grains, ingredients for animal feed, oilseed, vegetable oil, sugar, fruit juice, coffee beans, and livestock products from supply locations in North America, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, and elsewhere.

Our Mission

Oilseeds International will provide the best supply chain management for specialty oils, oilseeds, and vegetable oils while focusing on value and exceptional customer service.

Our Core Values

Visionary Possessing a clear picture or idea of a desired future, and communicating that vision and leading others to its achievement.

Integrity Acting in alignment with personal and professional standards and values; fulfilling agreements; interacting honestly and consistently at all times with everyone, everywhere.

Passion Focusing intensely and energetically on current issues, with a strong will and commitment to succeed.

Challenge Undertaking new things boldly and pioneering the future with creativity and ingenuity, no matter the degree of difficulty.

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